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Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.5

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Hello survivors!


Here are today's patch notes. These will go live in 30 - 60 minutes.


- General
Apartments now have a fire escape on the back
Increased prop draw distance in the apartments to prevent pop-in
Fixed an issue causing incorrect chat colors to display (hopefully)
Added loot spawns to an industrial building
You can no longer fill bottles inside buildings while it's raining (was implemented last patch but forgot to include in the patch notes)
Hunger and thirst will no longer deduct when inside a safe settlement, instead it will slowly regenerate
Game will now display an 'updating' message when the game will be coming down for a patch
Fixed 2 industrial buildings that drones could fly through
You will now gain 1xp per item picked up from spawn points and AI drops

- Audio
Added mute VOIP control, CTRL + M
Increased footstep sound to 60% (was 40%)
Increased grass footstep sound
Increased dirt footstep sound
Increased gravel footstep sound
Increased metal footstep sound
Changed gun shot attenuation settings, should help with figuring out how far a player is

- Level System
Adjusted XP required for levels
New max level increased to 35

- UI
Added the weight that an item is using to item tooltip
Changed the way players are displayed on the player list
Fixed an issue with right clicking items and the menu quickly closing
Fixed an issue with survived time showing an incorrect time on main menu
Added aim sensitivity setting

- Loot tables
Increased the spawn rate of 9mm ammo

- Weapons
Fixed G-17 iron sight to line up correctly
Reduced G36 base damage to 12% (was 14%)
Reduced AK-47 base damage to 15.5% (was 17%)
Reduced Desert Eagle base damage to 15% (was 18%)
Increased UMP base damage to 10% (was 9%)
Decreased AR-15 fire rate to 0.12s delay per shot
Reduced damage of AR-15 from 15% to 13%

- Global Inventory
Increased global inventory max weight to 1400kg


As always, I hope you all enjoy this patch. Let me know what you think of the changes.




- Fixed gunshot sounds

- Fixed chat creating new lines on space

- Fixed an issue with items not being able to be dragged in the global inventory


- Joshua


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As always, thank you for your hard work!

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oh nice ! you patched a footstep, thanks 👍

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Definitely great & passionate work Joshua. Thanks for the relaxing stream & a great patch(really nice changes and fixes which I will be glad to test out). One of the best devs if not the best one 💪

P.S. 6 days of Closed Alpha and there're 5 patches came out already. What a man, keep it up, but don't forget to rest enough ^_^)

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quality stuff joshua. you are really listening to the community like you said, it is great to see. keep it up.

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