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Zombiehunter Bob

call of the survival game

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Prone Position required. For regearing you might be able to Camp in the Woods but well you could stand behind a tree too.

Glass penetrateable. Well since it's glass. Dont delete it it makes the buildings look better. 

A robot helicopter crashside in the river to make it more interessting.

With some Military loot and some Bots of course.

A new fly (ant or alike) like Robot. It's 1 Hit but to keep the Ambiente of an survival game you can put them to the Spots Outside of cities.

As I said in discord aiming walk speed is pretty fast.

New Guns of course!

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Yeah, but i say there shouldnt be loots spots with no robots. they crushed most humans, but how did this happen with robots only in cities.

Thats why a small antlike robot with a deadly sting, deals 5 dmg but its a oneshot from any weapon or melee, to keep the right feeling ingame

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