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Let's talk about Supply Drops!

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Hello survivors,


Let's talk about supply drops!



Supply drops were implemented before the closed alpha started, a basic prototype to test it's functionality of dropping etc. Right now the current system will spawn every 40-60 minutes, only if 5 or more players are on the server. The supply drops contain exclusive items such as the VSS Vintorez and the ZSH-V helmet. Supply drops provide a fun random event that gets players moving around the map.



I am currently working on changing the way the loot that supply drops give. Right now the supply drops give random items based off a percentage, so you may find items unrelated to each other, for example G36 ammo and no G36. The plan is to move the loot to more of a "package" which has related items. For example you will find some armour, helmet, medical supplies, backpack, weapon, ammo for that weapon. I believe that having it this way makes the contents of the supply drops immediately useful, rather than requiring more items to make use of the items.

The way I plan to implement these loot packages is with a tier system. When an air drop is opened it will randomly select a tier based off weights, so 'very rare' packages will be rarer than the very common packages. Higher tiers will be tied to the amount of players currently in the server, to make it harder to get items from higher tiered supply drops. Depending of the rarity of the supply drop, you will also gain experience towards your character's level.


The tiers will be as follows:

  • Very Common
    • Medical Items
    • Food / Water supplies
    • Low-tier weapons (G-17, UMP)
    • Low-tier ammo
    • +100 Experience
  • Common
    • Medical Items
    • Low-tier weapons (G-17, UMP)
    • Low-tier armours / helmets
    • Low-tier ammo
    • +150 Experience
  • Uncommon
    • Medical items
    • Medium-tier weapons (AR-15)
    • Medium/low-tier armours / helmets (ZSH regulars, light vests)
    • Weapon attachments (Silencer, scopes)
    • +200 Experience
  • Rare (Requires 5+ Players)
    • High-tier weapons (G36,AK-47)
    • Medium-tier armours / helmets (Light vests, ZSH-NVG)
    • Grenades
    • +350 Experience
  • Very Rare (Requires 5+ Players)
    • Snipers (L96-A1)
    • Sniper / High-tier ammunition
    • High-tier armours (Heavy vests, ZSH)
    • Military Medical Items
    • +500 Experience

The tier system also means we can spawn supply drops more frequently, these will now spawn every 20-30 minutes.


The future of Supply Drops

The plan is to evolve the supply drops based off player feedback, tweaking rarity of items and other elements. I plan to mix up the items that supply drops give, keeping them fresh. The packages will be tweaked every month, adding / removing various items.

Supply drops will also be used when new items become available in the game, giving players a reason to always run to a supply drop. I also plan to tie a server-unique item to a mission that you have to bring to a safe settlement to receive a reward from an NPC.


Let me know what you think about these changes and do you have any suggestions for the future of the supply drops?




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- from ucommon to very rare, i guess ammo comes with the guns too?

- not a big fan of the very common as you can find those in less than 5 min in any place.

- no colored drop so people have to go for it to know whats inside otherwise people will go for rare only (who run for food and glock?)

otherwise i like the tiered drops idea, good one!

ps: could be fun to have one of the rare aidrops dropping in the military base sometimes, could be fun to have people fighting with players and robots to get it!

ps2: the package idea is top, i like it!

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I like the concept.  I think the rotation of items is the best point of this.  Opens up a world of possibilities with new weapons while keeping the rarity of the best weapons in check.  Also people would need to work for the items they want (ex vss).  We could also have an achievement system work with this as well with opening a certain number of the different types of crates.

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i like this... a tier list for air drops. its very different, i would like to see this in action.

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I'd say up the rarity in the supply drops.  A lot of time I see drops going unclaimed for hours on servers.

A lot of risk with very little reward.

Even in low pop servers most people don't even bother with them.

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So, if the population of server higher ( 5 + players), I have better chances to get from air drop sniper rifles, AK47, M16, right? Does it still work? Because yesterday I got from airdrop M16, I was alone on the server ^^

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