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Give your ideas for the map extension!

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Hello Survivors,


The map extension has begun, I wanted to include you all in the ideas / design phase of the extension.


Below is a map, surrounded by dirt, the dirt being the extended terrain where new POIs will be placed.


Download this map, and draw on it and give your ideas of what you would like to see added in the new areas of the map.


I look forward to seeing / reading all your ideas!






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2 hours ago, OfficalBeast said:

tryed my best. dont know if you can understand some of the stuff i have wrote down.

xera new map.png

Personally I'm not a big fan of big POIs like Airfield and Military base to be at the outskirt of the map. I like the ability to access such a place from different angels, especially in PVP. And it takes away potential camping scenarios once players run away from there with the loot.

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Purple Spots: Do NOT put safe zone here. Keep them where they are so they're accessible from all sides.

Light blue: Military base extension, spread it out with trails leading to barracks and what-not

Grey: Possible airstrip..?

Dark Blue w/ green dots: Oasis type of city, buildings on the islands. Could also be a swampy area as well.

Pink: Possibly another camp or the motel area. 

Lime Green: Would be a cool spot for a mining type of system with a canyon and cave or something such as that. 

Yellow: Farm extension area.

Black lines: Additional roads to lead to new areas

Orange: Area/Sizing for new military base, could also do something with an airstrip here instead ( or both, just depends ).

White: Areas for gas stations, could be more than that too with the map extension.

Dark green: replace this with a new city, would be about the size of Redsville to spread players out.


Keep up the great work Josh!



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General Key

Black - Roads (Existing and New)
White - Railroad extensions

Area 1. Northeast
White - Military Airstrip
Grey - Hangers (Enterable and non-enterable)
Green - Forest to spread the airfield out (Put trails going through and a couple roads connecting to the current Mt. Holly
Burgundy - Barracks and or Firing Ranges

Area 2. North Middle
Basic Idea - Swamp, diversify the map a bit.
Blue - water
The upside down T at the south of the circle is a waterfall. Would be great for screenshots/marketing promos.
Green/Brown - Land, swamp city idea with a lot of small islands connected by the current dock model you already have.
Black - Roundabout observer area beside the waterfall to make it like a tourist attraction.

Area 3. Northwest
Basic Idea - Robot Factory/Industrial(warehouses, mining, etc.) OR Shopping District(Malls/grocery stores) OR Canyon Area (mining equipment, old minecart tracks, worn down rock and dirt, no grass)
Yellow - IDK, kinda just put it there not thinking about it

Area 4. West Middle
Basic Idea - New city, split pvp so Redsville isn't so Overpopulated

Area 5. Southwest
Basic Idea - Airport
Grey dots - ATC/Maintenance/Hanger Buildings
Grey Square - Barracks if military, Airport Terminal if Civilian
Yellow - Parking lots/Parking garages
Pink - Fence 

Area 6. South Middle
Basic Idea - Farm Extension


After I made the map, I thought that whatever idea you don't do in Area 3 would work well in the southeast/east middle of the map. That wall of rocks to the northeast of golden eagle would be a great cave/canyon entrance.

Hope you like my ideas, don't forget to +rep ❤️


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I think you can do something unique, not a scene that has already been in the same type of game. I think it also needs to be an airport. Others can take a bit of the style of your own game, so it will be better!

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I think something like this could be a good layout that could work. I didn't draw them in but even adding dynamic poi's that you need to rebuild along the map like road blocks or something would be nice. Let me know what you guys think.

new map.png

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So far there is only one suggestion that i sorta like, ill add mine tomorrow!

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Great ideas everyone :) keep them coming!

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Global Inv, No Safe Zone: Place to store loot but you have the chance of being killed there, so the risk-reward factor comes into play, do you want to risk banking your loot here or play it safe and run back towards the Safe Zones

Transmission Tower: I Submitted a 5-page document with ideas to IcedYoshi, In there the idea of a transmission tower that can be captured every 30 mins for loot for example

Military Checkpoint: A Few Road Barricades, Few Humvee's, Few Military Crates (Props). Make it look authentic, Blood on the floor etc. There could be a locked crate there requiring a key to unlock and maybe a low tier weapon spawn, like UMP-45 etc

Power Plant Global Event: Regarding the document I submitted, like a post I saw earlier, we have some shattered skies players here. I think the idea of a power plant that needs stabilizing would be a good idea, say it only can be done every 2-3 hours for example. 

Increase the Size of the military base: Add another hangar or 2 that you can enter, have a few more lootable buildings and spread out the robot spawns. I like the rate at which they spawn as it makes it a challenge when you are alone but would like to see a bit more detail and depth to the base itself. 

Airfield: Pretty self-explanatory, divide it up a bit. Have a long Runway spanning a good distance of the map. Surrounded with Barbed Wire fence or Walls. Have the airport buildings covered in military equipment (props) to make it look like the military was trying to control the airports. Have a few Humvee's knocking about etc. The Terminal could just be a waiting area with peoples packed bags that tried to flee before the robots finally took over. 

Barns: Now Obviously this is not to scale but just a rough idea of what could be placed here to fill this space. There could be a house, a big barn and a field with various crops in it. 

Timed Crate: These will be hidden in and around the map, they will be locked and can only be opened every 30-45 mins depending on developers/community opinion. It's up to the developer where he wants to put them specifically. 

Forest: Not sure what to put in here, just blank space so thought might as well put a forest in there. 


I have seen here a reference to a game I used to play called "Shattered Skies" this map and my suggestions take a good page out of that game but I want to make it clear that I understand that this game is one and its own and if the developers wants to make something unique I understand that. I just tried to mimic in my opinion the best features of that game and attempt to implement it into this game via suggestions


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