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Give your ideas for the map extension!

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As far as the map I think if you look at Just Survive from H1Z1 the way they did the map right before they shut the game down you need to have a map layout like that where there is at least 3 big points of interest separated by small ones and open land areas. The open land area like the farm land currently in xera is to big and a waste of space, it is a good idea but shrink it even the way the dam was positioned in just survive I thought was great because you could get cover in the woods or higher ground while the people on the bottom could get cover behind things like broken down cars and so on but you could also bring atvs in there. I think me as a person that supported Just Survive and the style of it which is similar to this from way back in the beginning I like to go into larger areas and not know where people were but would know going in there it wasn't a waste of time because the fights that would be there were insanely challenging and the towns were big enough that the people would be extremely looted and it would be worth the fight. Now I'm not saying i expect it like just survive but I think for the game to survive you need to adjust the map so there is insane town fights all over the map while have escape towns that are small so you can get looted again and heal and then go back into the fights in the larger towns especially if you think at some point in the future there might be building added and i'm assuming different vehicles will be needed as the map gets bigger. Now looking at the map extension I think the safe zones should stay where they are and start building town or cities on the opposite sides of them so the safe zones aren't only accessed from essentially one side you want people coming in from all around as this will help on eliminating the camping of a specific team plus I don't like how the safe zones are only in the corners as extending the map around the zones would start to introduce them without moving them to more of the inner part of the map with each extension that happens and eventually it will even out as the map gets to the prefect size. I think safe zones being introduced more on the inner part of the map would also eliminate the need for extraction points like people were calling for. I also think there is way too many servers I would say eliminate 1/4 to half so the numbers grown and slow down server hopping. The server hopping is ok to a point but when you can pick 15-20 different servers with only 5 players on to just run loot back is crazy it should be a risk to go back to the safe zone especially when you give the option to combat log. one last thing I think the snipers should either be craft able but the components to make them be scattered allover the place or components be in the map and some needed components in the events or drops to make them a little bit less rare as I think sniping is good in the game but it is so rare that people never use them when they get them and the same with ak's a little less not a lot less but a little less rare. In just survive the snipers were hard to get but not this hard and people actually would fight with them and it also didn't ruin the game. If you have loot and trying to combat log the timers should be a lot longer to log.  This is just an opinion!

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On 7/26/2019 at 7:54 PM, TheDuke said:

This is literally just the Shattered Skies map.

It was a good map

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