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Hi survivors! Let me present my vision of changes, and please don't skip any point, because it took me some time to think about it. (I don't have a discord, so you can't see my backer rank). There is no order:

  1. Finding permanent skins - It would be nice to find clothes for our character, which after activating we never lose it, like in Shattered Skies.
  2. Lying - Simply, lying in such a games is probably the basis.
  3. Barbed wire and barricades - These two things that will greatly enrich pvp. If the shields were set up quickly, barbed wire made us bleeding when we entered it.
  4. Bleeding - Bleeding that occurs randomly from received damage or entry to barbed wire. During the bleeding form, the blooding is visibly from places of the body, and on the ground leaves footprints in the color of blood.
  5. Poisoning - Poisoning with dirty water or rotten food.
  6. Gravestones - Gravestones, appearing at the place of death of each character, disappearing after 15 minutes.
  7. Fist fight - Change the damage inflicted by the fists to better, but not better than any melee weapon.
  8. Weight of rags - Rags they weigh less than gauze made of them, and it should be the other way around.
  9. Zooming - Zooming from weapons in third and first person it should be bigger, maybe 2x or 3x.
  10. Global inventory - In global inventory there should be no weight limit.
  11. Spawn items - Spawn items is is too slow in our vicinity, I often skip items, because they appear too late when approaching a given position.
  12. Sounds volume - Heartbeat is too loud, just the sound of bullets being fired by us compared to the sounds of the game.
  13. Jumping on vehicles - Jumping on vehicles is to be improved, because often it works out together some time, as if we were blocking something during this.
  14. Gauze - This item give us 10 health, change this to 25 each one.
  15. Another mapSomewhere I read that you are going to create another additional maps for this game, I would like to suggest a very climatic idea, since the action is happening on Earth, it could also happen in Chernobyl. I dream about an entrance to the Reactor (of course in a special clothing against radiation and a gas mask, because there should be radiation near it, which would kill us), or an have view Eye of Moscow (Russian woodpecker), and Red forest. And near the city, Pripyat.
  16. Number of robots - Increase the number of robots in cities by 3x each city.
  17. Better loot - Look, this game is mainly based on pvp, which is more dynamic, and more adapted to progress your skills. For this reason, the loot should be better to get into the fight more quickly with friends.
  18. Better loot from harder enemies - I don't know if it is, but it must be.
  19. Trade system - I didn't have the chance to test whether this is already, by a small number of players, but if it isn't there, add to.
  20. Vehicles - Add some diffrent type of vehcles, of which you could also shoot, as in battle royal games.
  21. Spawn protection - When I respawning, I didn't notice that I would have protection against being killed by the players. I think 20 seconds is enough.
  22. Requirements - Modern games usually have inflated requirements, I've played a lot on myself, which I did not even have to run, and only with one game I had a problem. Here I am also surprised that I had a processor Amd Phenom X4 945 3.0 GHz, not overclocking, and I have 45-65 Fps. So if you reduce the requirements, at least to play at 20 Fps, I think the game will go to a larger group of people.
  23. Jumping when aiming - When we aiming with weapons, we can't jump, add this possiblity, and pvp will gain on this.
  24. Faster change of way when jumping - For me, one of the most important things to change. When we jump, our moves are slowed down and avoiding bullets in pvp isn't very effective. Add such a possibility of greater freedom of movement when jumping, especially to the sides using wsad and mouse movements also sudden change in a jump in the back, look alike a Infestation Survivor Stories.
  25. Polish language - I'm from Poland, so it would be nice if you added this language to the game.
  26. Servers - Please don't disable servers, due to the number of players, maybe after the release or larger updates the game will develop also work on an advertising campaign, e.g. keys to the most famous streamers from the popular countries. I was not nice surprised to play at Shattered Skies that in just a year they turned off your servers and didn't even work too much on updates.
  27. C4 - Probably there are c4 supporters in this game, but it does not suit me completely. It only rewards the camping of players who are afraid to enter the open pvp related to shooting skills. Please, delete it.
  28. Water - The water textures on the map are oddly react.
  29. Fps limit - Fps limit from settings didn't work.
  30. Crafting - I don't know how all the crafting works, but I had the necessary things to craft other things, and I don't have a visible 'craft' button, so I can craft only gauze.
  31. Bugs on the map - I found two, and I put below in screenshots. The first is that there is an invisible wall in front of this object. In the second probably also, because we can't jump over this.11.thumb.jpg.d3f80c462fdc6d1bfa44d9bc18b5d6f7.jpg12.thumb.jpg.59d76ec34022614c9bb237e8d70d9374.jpg21.thumb.jpg.69b83693e6b2f99c6fd566283d7afad4.jpg22.thumb.jpg.afefc738b613a0cb0827625c789f222b.jpg

That's all. I will just mention that I will not be here for a while time, so I may not reply further to posts. I just hope my efforts will not go to waste.

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