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Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.9

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Hello Survivors,


There has been a long wait for this patch, I hope you all enjoy the changes.


- General

Added proximity looting ("Tab Looting") system to inventory Added FN Scar to loot table, and Air Drop

- Map
Large background mountains added
Map extended in each direction to fit more upcoming points of interest
Changed made to Military base in preparation for full re-work next patch
Castle rock settlement re-worked in preparation for new content
General improvements made to road endings

- Weapons
Added FN Scar to loot table and supply drops
Added MP5 to main loot table and supply drops

- Loot System
Total loot in world increased to 2000, was 1650
Added open-able car trunks, each car now has 3 spawn points in the trunk

- Character
Changed ADS time to 0.25s from 0.3s
Fixed a couple issues with aiming and auto-running

- Levelling System
Fixed an issue with levels being lost on death

- Crafting System
Removed level requirements for crafting (in preparation for Open Alpha)

- Explosives
Added C4 ticking noise when placed
Added a second delay after C4 is detonated

- Global Inventory
Fixed an issue that caused items to be taken and not added to the global inventory when it's max weight

- Supply Drop System
Added delay to opening a supply drop


Hope you all enjoy these changes :)


- Joshua

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