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Our first Open Alpha weekend is a wrap!

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Hi Survivors – and thank you!

What a weekend! We had a great influx of new players – thanks for sending out all those invitations – despite Discord going into meltdown for the best part of five hours just as we sent out the invitations to redeem tokens for Steam Keys using our Discord bot… We were sat here in New Zealand on Saturday morning our time, tearing our hair out over that one! Thank you everyone for your patience.

We gained a ton of useful analytics, uncovered a variety of bugs (some of which were biggies, some of which were hilarious, some of which were both). We pushed out updates over the weekend and will continue to do so throughout the Alpha period.

If you played for the first time on the weekend, remember you will start with an empty inventory if you play on during the week. Please note the server populations will be smaller – for more PvP action, wait until the weekend!

We will again back up all your profiles and start the next weekend Alpha session with an empty inventory for all players before restoring after the weekend.

We have already received over 500 more sign-ups since we sent out last week’s invitations, which means it’s looking good for the next session! You can easily cut and paste direct message invitations to friends using the command !invite in the invitations channel on our Discord server. We have a limited number of keys, so PLEASE only send to friends you think will enjoy the game and play. Many of the keys we sent out last week remain unused, and though they cost us nothing, we may not be able to get more from Valve, restricting our testing and leading to a smaller server population which isn’t great for either us or you.

We had some awesome support from streamers over the weekend, so please let us know if there are any other streamers or ’tubers you think will enjoy playing, and we can get in touch. Feel free to let them know yourselves and share those invitations.

Anyhow, next weekend we start at the same time as last weekend: click here to see the start time in your locale, or check out the times on the world map.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has played, please keep those invitations going, and come back next weekend! We appreciate all the support, bug reports, streams, and most of all this being a kick ass, friendly community.


The Spotted Kiwi Team

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It was an absolutely great weekend, I enjoyed playing with you and watching you play on twitch!

Looking forward to next weekend. See you all there! :)

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Had a blast this weekend! Was a lot of fun to run into some old players I recognized and all the new guys. I don't think I'll be able to play as much next weekend so GL on the leaderboards everybody ❤️

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