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Patch Notes - Open Alpha 0.2.0

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Hello Survivors,


Here's the most recent patch notes for Open Alpha.


- General
Added ability to skip game's loading intros
Added ASIA Server Region (Servers in located in South Korea)
Increased World Loot to 2350 (was 2000)
Fixed an issue causing hitching on AMD FX Processors

- Character
Improved first person to feel less static
Changed character movement air control from 0.5 to 0.7
Improved performance of inventory character display
Fixed an issue causing animations to not play on the server causing hit registration issues

- Inventory / Crafting system
Additional checks added to proximity pickup system to prevent looting from far distances

- Explosives
Added camera shake to C4 explosion

- Weapons
Removed bullet "smoke" trails from shell casing ejection particles
Pistol reload delay is now 2 seconds
Sights can now be used on FN Scar
Fixed an issue that was causing melees to not play correct impact sounds

- AI
Reduced AI Run Speed
Reduced health of Model X Robot
Exploding robot will now glow brighter when they are about to explode
Fixed an issue causing AI footsteps to not always play
Fixed an issue causing super robot to spawn as an exploder sometimes
Fixed an issue that caused AI to spawn for all players on death (optimisation)
Fixed an issue causing animations to not play on the server causing hit registration issues

- Loot tables
Added drone to main loot table

- Map
Added Airport Area (This is still work in progress)
Added Farm extension (This is still work in progress)
Reworked Golden Eagle Settlement (This is still work in progress)
Fixed XS-127 - Get inside rock. Fire out. Can't be seen.

- Global Inventory
Added additional equipment slots to Global Inventory UI

- Supply Drop System
Supply drops will now drop every 5-15 minutes
Fixed an issue causing loot from supply drop to have same pickup time as opening the drop

- Localisation
Thai language added
Chinese language updated

- UI
Fixed an issue which prevented clicking on inventory items when looking at an item in the world
Death screen will now display "Silenced" if a weapon has a silencer
General improvements to most UIs


Hope you all enjoy these changes.


- Joshua

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