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Patch Notes - Open Alpha 0.2.1

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Hello Survivors!


Patch notes for Open Alpha round 3.


- Christmas Event
Added large christmas trees to various areas, check under the tree and see if you've been naughty or nice
Added Two Festive character skins
Added Santa Backpack (Holds 50kg)
Added Christmas Drone Skin (Active for all players)
Added Santa Hat (does 15% protection)
Added Candy Cane Melee

- Character
Walkable slope increased to 60 degrees, was 45 degrees

- Map
Upgraded Redsville Church
Added motels to Redsville
Reworked Rockdale suburbs
Reworked Rockdale factory

- Settings
Added keybind option for detonate c4

- Items
Reduced weight on all ammo types

- Grenades
Grenades now make an impact sound when hitting objects
Added angular dampening after first impact to prevent grenade rolling away from impact location

- Weapons
Reduced AK-47 Damage to 14% (was 15.5%)
Reduced FN-Scar damage to 12.5% (was 13%)
Increased MP5 magazine size to 30 (was 20)
FN-Scar can now be used in Single fire mode
MP5 Sights reworked
MP5 now supports sight attachments
Changed tollerance levels for server-side hitscan take-overs

- Commands
Added "/outfit" command to give you a new random outfit

- Audio
Increased footstep volume to 0.9 (was 0.6)
Increased footstep sound radius to 24m (was 16m)
Adjusted footstep falloff function to linear (was natural sound)
Added new sounds to ambient music system
Fixed an issue causing footsteps to not have any attentuation

- Radio Transmission System
We've implemented a prototype of a Radio Transmission System, this will send a radio message when air drops spawn

- Global Inventory
Right click menu disabled while in global inventory
Fixed an issue which caused GI error message to get stuck on screen

- AI
Fixed explosion particle direction, will now explode up, not sideways

- Buildings
Added loot / props to Radome middle room

- Lighting
Increased moon brightness to 1.75 (was 1.5)
Increased overall night brightness to 0.6 (was 0.5)
Increased moon size to 0.01 (was 0.009)
Increased star brightness to 0.4 (was 0.33)

- Localisation
Fixed some font issues with PT/FR Languages



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