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Patch Notes - Open Alpha 0.2.2

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Hello Survivors,


Here's a quick patch which is mostly to remove the Christmas event, but we've also slipped in some additional improvements.


- Events
Removed Christmas Event

- Inventory
Moved equip to first option in right click menu, this should help prevent miss-shredding items
Added filtering options to proximity menu
You can now directly drag proximity items into your slots
You can now drop items by dragging it outside of the inventory
You can now equip attachments by dragging it directly primary slot
Proximity loot will no longer re-shuffle when picking up items

- Map
Improved accuracy of player position
Changed icon and color of current player location

- Weapons
Reduced damage of FN SCAR-L to 12% was 12.5%
Increased mag size of FN SCAR-L to 30, was 20
Added FN SCAR-H which takes 7.62 rounds, does 12.5% damage

- Supply Drops
Added FN-SCAR-H to supply drops (Uncommon Category)



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