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I Use Translation. I'm Sorry I Didn't Write Properly.
I didn't play the game right now. I'm Still Waiting For Round4. Currently, the full date for the opening is not known .

[ Game Management ].
As I can see, the idea was stolen from many different games. ( Stolen Ideas, You Have To Do Much Better Than Those People. ) But in order to do this, you need to do it very carefully and accurately.
But in the first days of the game. Can Be Very Popular When Sold On A Platform. Because everybody's waiting for this kind of game. There Is No More Such Games On The Market. 
After A Few Months, It Can Be Between 500 And 1000 Players.
Responses of Game Management on Complaints; 500 and 1000 Players Enough. Only those who love us get with us. [
This Idea Is Wrong.]  [ Some High Companies Are Giving Such Answers By Thinking About It . A Few Months Later, All The Games Were Closed. :) ] Your Game Should Always Be Popular. You Should Think About These Ideas.

Safe zone needs removal. ( There is always a fight between teammates. ) Because:  Loot, Always Belong to the People 1 Individual. 

Base, Construction Must Be Brought. (Loot Belongs To Everyone.)

If The Armor Gets Damaged, It Needs To Be Broken. 

Military Base Excluded.
Random There Must Be Looting Places Everywhere.

Safe zone Usable. The clan must have a special inventory system. Every clan player can only put it in that inventory. individual inventory will not be. (Applies To Clan) = Not recommended by some players. Because Base it's a lot more fun to raid.

From what I know according to the video, the person using the drone can kill the enemy very easily.  [ I have no complete knowledge on this subject. ] Idea; If the aircraft is too easy to loot, the Drone in the Enemy Eye must be shown as a map spot target.

I Will Investigate More And Print Out The Missing And Plus Aspects Of The Game.

Edited by Mevsa

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If you have a friend that speaks English, it would be nice if you could ask him to help, because unfortunately, I can't figure out what you're saying.

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2 hours ago, Staffsmitten said:

İngilizce bilen bir arkadaşın varsa, yardımını isteyebilirsen çok iyi olur, çünkü ne yazık ki ne dediğini anlayamıyorum.

I tried to fix some posts. I'm Sorry If It's Not Clear Again .

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I'm Excited, Alpha 4 Finally Opened Up. Good Game For Everybody.

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