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Patch Notes - Open Alpha 0.2.3

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Hello Survivors!


Here are the patch notes for Open Alpha - Round 4


- General
EAC (EasyAntiCheat) Implemented
Report system added (You can report a player by holding P and right on their name)

- Helicopter Travel System
A new helicopter system will transport players between safe zones.
You can jump out (Using E) of the helicopter anywhere in-between the path and land where you wish.


- Weapons
Changed MP5 sound

- Animations
Throwable animations will now play correctly when crouched or jumping

- Drones
Fixed an issue that prevented drones being landed
Fixed an issue what allowed inventory to be opened while in a drone

- Map
Added new trailer park north of the map (Still WIP)
Rockdale re-designed (Still WIP)

- Map UI
Fixed player map position (Hopefully it works this time)

- Player
Reduced deathcam height from 700 to 550

- Group System
Replaced bearing reading with a distance in Metres

- AI
Robots will now give XP when destroyed with grenades
Improved AI hitbox
Improved AI Physics

- Supply Drops
Smoke should start spawning even when drop is not visible
Improved smoke particles

- UI
You can no longer auto-run while logging out
Death Screen Visual Improvements
New audio for death screen
You can now report the player who killed you directly from the death screen
Player list will now close after inviting a player


Hope you all enjoy this patch!

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