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 * to start the wather go down so fast it have to go slower.

 * the dirty wather is like drink clear wather in a future u can implement a campfire to purify wather , heal up and cook food to be more efficient. also u can implement purify pills something like that.

 * (BUG) when u sprint clicking shift u cant run and shoot but if u config the auto run at option and use that key u can shoot and sprint.
 * the people like trade and skins in game like this so in a future u can implement somethin like the robots can drop skin boxes like a common drop and keys like a strange drop like 1 of 3k or something like that also u can sell keys for real money.
 * u also can implement in a future for example liberate citys something like there is 50 robots in a city (100%) if u fix and refuell X number of generators and u kill 90% of the robots u liberate the city for X time in that time each idk 15 mins for example the city get a drop u also can implement things like u have to fix the generators at same time to foment play on teams or repair all the generators in X time so u can liberate some citys alone but bigers not (the people can see when the city is liberate when they are closer of that city so that foment the pvp).
 * u can add places to bank items close to bigest citys but not in safe zones like u join u have 8 mins to bank or inmortals robors kill u (so people cant camp inside) this foment to players dont disconect when they kill someone and they get a lot of loot..
 * u can add something like a generator that activates each X time example 3 hours when its active u can go hack a console and get loot this going to be a pvp zone for sure each X time and u also can add many robots in there.
 * i think u have to make a system of guns hp becose if u dosent the people will have infinity guns like if the guns just respawn respawn respawn and no ones brokes all going to have a lot of good guns. i think the good guns have to be rare like not imposible to find (becose if someome find one dont gona use it) but rares and strongers for sure
 * when someones die i think the items dont have to be droped all in the floor i think is better if the guy dead drop the bagpack and inside all the stuff like a drop and u take what u want to take (and to take the bag u have to take all the items).
 * you can add more of the same guns but with more damage and just change the skin of the gun and the rarity respawn.
 * also i think if u rent private servers for real money can be good like 1 month X money. teams can pay it all together and loot in there (private servers with X2 loot and a pasword).
 * i dont like friendly fire in team this is for problems (we dont want a real game we want a funny game).

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Aftermath is back !

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