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There is no need to limit overall inventory.

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Based on my global inventory loot you can have a sense of how the drop is, 
if it is according to your wishes. 
I have been administrator of infestation and I tested everywhere loot like 
I would in my server has no need to limit the weight of the global inventory, 
and I am willing to help you more with the loot everything in the inventory 
I joined since the day I started playing 25/01.

I am giving XERA strength in my comudades and old groups. 
I want this game being the best of the day.

By, THLZ_JailsonMendes


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This^. You shouldnt have an unlimited inventory, and with the future(possibly) addition of 'Clan' inventories it wouldnt be fair to other players for you to have an unlimited supply of everything.   The GI is rather large now though, upon ranking up over and over.

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