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Invitational Open Alpha - Round 7 (March 22-24)

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Hello Survivors,

Open Alpha Round 7 will be March 22-24!

If you participated in any of the previous Alpha's you DO NOT need to register again, but if you missed out for any reason sign up for free here https://www.xeragame.com/alpha-signup

It's an open invite - so anyone that registers gets a key! If you think your friends would like the game, head to our discord and type !invite in the #invitations channel to get a personalized messaged to send. We will be tracking how many each person invites – and will be rewarding the ones with the most sign-ups.

We hope to see you all in-game this weekend! Below are the global start times so you know when the open alpha starts in your country.

Spotted Kiwi Interactive



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