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Patch Notes - Open Alpha 0.2.4

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Hello survivors,


Here are the patch notes for Open Alpha - Round 5.


- General
Fixed an issue causing the game to launch on non-primary monitor

- Medical system
You can no longer use quickmed while reloading
An animation is now played when using quickmed, for this duration you cannot shoot or change weapons

- Animations
Fixed an issue causing wrong animations to play when crouched

- Weapons
Added Spiked Bat, does 20% damage

- Key Crates
Removed Gauze from Medical Crates

- UI
Level will now display when looking at another player

- Global Inventory
You can now right click an item in your inventory to quick move
Dragging items out of global which have more than 1 quantity will ask for a quantity to transfer

- Attachments
Increased first person zoom on red dot
Increased first person zoom on holographic sight

- Map
Added new Gas Station to Rockdale
Added new Police station to Rockdale
Added Church to Rockdale
Added new supermarket building to Rockdale
Replaced shopping area in Redsville with a big supermarket

- Buildings
Garage building now has interior, the door will have a chance of being closed and will be accessible by back door

- Crafting system
Crafting items will now give experience
Reduced craft time of Gauze to 2.5s, was 4s
Added spiked bat recipe, does 20% damage

- Bugfixes
Fixed a crash caused by VoIP when loading into map




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