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Screenshots and Funny things I found. (Will add more. After I Find More)

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So I'll be posting screenshots of things I find missing, or just funny things I see that probably also shouldn't happen.

(Notes from playing that i wasn't able to take screenshots of):

1. I've notice eating food and sometimes drinking water doesn't always work, yet i really didn't seem to have a problem with it.

2. Picking up weapons but the weapon disappearing and not appearing in the inventory but the ammo does.

3. Something I think that should be noted that nearby isn't really nearby... if it's 600m away. I think that should be changed to maybe 300m It seems more accurate that way.

(DAY 1 of ROUND 5):

This screenshot is a robot getting stuck into a fence after an explosion. Something funny I thought I should put as well as something that shouldn't happen.


This next one is well... idk how to explain that but I could walk on in...


(DAY 2 of ROUND 5):

I found a plot of land I believe the devs are working on. (If your a dev and know about this please let me know what's supposed to be going here.)20190209085707_1.thumb.jpg.5f7c86d3019b540d62d5008559926e3b.jpg

This is just something funny but the way you walk is a little weird here.(The guy in front of me)20190209121255_1.thumb.jpg.7d056e98748a28cfe470d89fe49ba5a1.jpg

This robot either has the stupid, or is very smart. Either way it stands above the others so we let him live.20190209123153_1.thumb.jpg.c4003da698ab29f86158954dcc6ec048.jpg

My buddy GoalieMonkey spotted this out for me. It's grass textures in the sky.20190209125005_1.thumb.jpg.e953f5de4f5ebd6322454a9c93d8f60b.jpg

This... well this is in Redsville. I'm... in the ground somehow. (All screenshots are taken in third person)20190209125645_1.thumb.jpg.af3be19d4605a317d857485f30af27d3.jpg


Something noted. This girl doesn't have a shirt on or its cut.20190209131137_1.thumb.jpg.cc073704b48ada6fcb326b42f9a06c7a.jpg

Last thing of the day. This man can float(glitch). Note that this woman stares at me for help as these man stand above her.20190209131157_1.thumb.jpg.379b4170356a198014d0ca0f760ac53a.jpg






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