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Patch Notes - Open Alpha 0.2.6

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Hello survivors!


Here's the latest patch notes! Hope you all enjoy these changes.


- New Event System
3 Compounds are on the map
Event is activated when a player is within a radius
AI is spawned inside the compound when it's activated
Once all AI are defeated you are rewarded with 3000 XP and 4 air drops, which will fall in the compound
Compound event will go onto cooldown for 15 minutes

- Medical System
Reduced medical animation time from 1.56s to 1.3s
You can now see other players using medical animations

- Main Menu
New Spotted Kiwi Intro added
Improvements made to main menu map

- Buildings
Added interior to Gas Station
Fixed an issue with AI getting stuck in office buildings
Fixed a collision issue with a house
Removed 1 sided windows from various houses
Removed windows from church building

- Helicopter transport system
Helicopter marker will now display on the map when you are in a helicopter
Players are now hidden and movement is disabled while in a helicopter
Fixed an issue causing crouch toggle to cause slow parachuting
Disabled inventory while in helicopter
Disabled switching between first and third person while in helicopter

- Ambient sounds
Moved ambient system to player controller rather than player character

- Global Inventory
Current quantity will now populate in item transfer menu

- Items
New icon for Red Dot

- Inventory System
Added weights checks for changing and removing backpacks

- Map
Optimised water shader
Added gas stations to Redsville
Optimised shadows on some objects
Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck on solar panels
Fixed an issue causing navigation to not generate around fences and props
Fixed some doors which did not allow AI to open
Fixed some terrain issues where you could go under water

- UI
Inventory Icons should now be a lot smoother and not have jagged edges
Auto Run is now disabled when entering global inventory UI
Weapon tooltips added
Item tooltips will no longer overlap bottom of screen

- Bugfixes
Fixed XS-133 - Can't pass through the gap
Fixed XS-126 - able to logout while autorunning
Fixed XS-101 - Death screen gets stuck when dying while player list is open
Fixed XS-23 - Player gets stuck on props
Fixed XS-24 - Character pixel walk inside apartments
Fixed XS-67 - Office Building Prop Popin
Fixed XS-50 - Settings do not get applied on load
Fixed XS-85 - Killing robots with grenades, does not give XP
Fixed XS-96 - Small Head Issue
Fixed XS-104 - Redsville Apartments Collision glitch
Fixed XS-135 - Ability to see through walls when jumping
Fixed XS-121 - Inventory UI tool-tip off-screen
Fixed XS-125 - Inventory weight can be exceeded when backpack is removed
Fixed XS-132 - Patch of water with no sound
Fixed XS-129 - Road is not level with the ground

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