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Patch Notes - Open Alpha 0.2.7

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Hi everyone!


Here are the patch notes the closing patch of Open Alpha Round 6.


- Slot System
Fixed an issue causing medical slots to not unequip old medical item before switching to new one

- Compound Event
Reduced XP given on completion to 500, was 3000
Increased XP given from robots in compound to 50, was 20

- UI
Fixed an issue causing UI to not show red when item cannot fit in inventory

- Inventory
Right clicking a proximity item will now pick it up
Changed experience given when picking up items to 5 (was 1)
Fixed an issue causing ammo to sometimes not spawn after switching weapons at max backpack weight
Fixed an issue causing items to not correctly add to the inventory
Fixed an issue with melees' tooltip showing ammo type
Fixed an issue with melees' tooltip showing wrong damage
Fixed an issue allowing equipped backpacks to be shredded with double click

- Helicopter System
Fixed an issue allow players to shoot while in helicopter

- Supply Drops
Optimised Supply Drops to use less resources on the client
Optimised Supply Drop smoke particles
Fixed an issue allowing air drops to land on player controlled drone

- Map
Fixed an issue with a container in Riverton causing players to get stuck
Fixed floating grass on rd to mountain
Fixed pixel walk on some houses



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