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Patch Notes - Open Alpha 0.2.9

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Hi everyone!


Here's patch notes for Open Alpha Round 8! We're happy to announce our first Vehicle - the ATV. This is still a very experimental system so please expect bugs! :)


- New Feature - Vehicle (ATV)
New ATV Vehicle Added
Vehicle has 200% HP
Vehicle will explode and kill riding player on death
Players can still take damage and die while on ATV
Currently no support for running over players & AI (coming soon)
AI will sometimes ignore the ATV and will attack the player on the ATV if detected (Still a bit of AI work to be done w/ vehicles)
Vehicles will spawn at specific spawn points (4 in the world)

Note: These are still extremely experimental, so expect many bugs!

- Map
Improved Farm House area
Replaced fences in Pleasant Pastures
Reduces vertical scale on background mountains (Should allow for shorter dark periods in-game)
Removed some POIs in preparation for map re-work (Game map may show locations where there is nothing)
Added compound event to bunker mountain

- Event System
Changed event cool down to 25 minutes (from 20 mins)

- Transport System
Reduced helicopter sounds

- UI
Quantity slider added to global inventory
Fixed some localisation issues

- Robots
Disabled decals on robots (will prevent robots being hidden by decal lines at airport)



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