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(I'm brazilian so english isn't my first language so take it easy if i committed some writeĀ errors šŸ˜œ)

Some ideas
New ContentĀ 
- ADD New Robot enemies likeĀ Drones, Turrets, Shock robots, Fire Robots and others.Ā 
- ADD Robot Bosses.
- ADD Stamina.
- ADD Animals (passive/agressive).
- ADD Hunt system.
- ADD A way toĀ HACK Robots in your favor ( This could make the player control the robots).
- ADD missions/events.
- ADD Factions (global team with exclusive missionsĀ for players from same faction).
- ADD different skins for each faction.
- ADD Conquest area to encourage pvp between factions.
- ADD exclusive safe zones for factions.
- ADD Rare FuturisticĀ guns
- ADD Craft your own robot with pieces from the other ones that you killed
- ADD A items hotbarĀ 

Ā Upgrades

- Decrease playerĀ movement speed while aimingĀ 
- Death cam
- Stop to Decrease player thrist and hungry while afk
- Increase the jump height (PLEASE).


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I'm good with everything there except adding stamina.

Holy cow is it a slog to run back from Military Base or Airport already.

We don't need 45 min auto run like WarZ had.....lolĀ  I'd literally go poop and eat dinner while I auto-ran back.

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