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Patch Notes - Open Alpha 0.3.0

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Hello survivors!


Here's the patch notes for the Final Open Alpha! We hope you all enjoy these changes, and hope to see you all in-game.


- Top Features
Global/Group/Proximity Chat Channels
Crosshairs are now customisable
Vehicle bugfixes and improvements
Brazil Region is now available

- Chat System
Added support for written group chat
Added support for proximity chat
Note: Pressing tab will change between global, group & proximity

- Animations
New Jump Animations for ARs / Snipers
New Jump Animations for Pistols

- Compound Event
Reduced XP given from Robots inside compound to 10 (was 50)
Reduced XP given by completing compounds to 100 (was 500)
Reduced the radius that gives XP (Now have to be closer to the event to get the XP)
Added new compound event UI

- Leaderboards
Skill Rating leaderboard now displays up to 100 players
Kills leaderboard now displays up to 100 players
Experience leaderboard now displays up to 100 players
UI Improvements to leaderboard
Leaderboards are now cached every 20 minutes

- Crafting
Reduced quantity requirements to make Remote C4 Kit

- Items
Fixed various item descriptions stating wrong ammo type
Reduced XP given from picking up items to 1 (was 5)

- Inventory
Added protection tooltip to Armours & Helmets
Added tooltips to health items
Added tooltips to food & fluids

- Settings Menu
Added crosshair colour selection
Added crosshair customisation for First Person
Added crosshair customisation for Third Person
Added crosshair toggle for first person
PrimaryAction (Fire) can now be rebinded
SecondaryAction (ADS/Aim) can now be rebinded

- AI
AI now has the ability to jump down from places if it gets stuck on a non-navigatable area
Reduced XP given from killing super robot to 50 (was 100)
Fixed an issue causing server hitches on robot death

- Supply Drops
Added "Rare" supply drops to <5 player servers (1% chance)
Reduced chance of "Very Rare" drops (Snipers) to 1% (was 3%)
Reduced XP given on all supply drops
Supply drops will now crush vehicles and players

- Drone
You can now toggle NVGs while using a Drone
You can no longer deploy a drone while moving
Fixed an issue allowing drones to be deployed while using the helicopter

- Player
Punch cooldown delay reduced to 0.6s (was 2s) - Should make boxing matches much more exciting ;)
You can now change weapons while jumping
Added crosshair to first person
Fixed an issue causing multiple action requests to be sent to objects (while holding e)

- UI
Action UI will now show "Hold" or "Press" depending on the objects action requirement
Fixed casing on "Humanoid Robot" on death screen

- ATVs
Vehicle will now despawn after 30 minutes without use
You can now toggle NVGs while using a Vehicle
Vehicles can now run over robots & players (Hitting AI will damage ATV 5%, Hitting Players will damage ATV 50%)
Vehicle will now check around the vehicle for a safe spawn location
ATV now has a max speed of 65km/h
ATV HUD speed now displayed in km/h
Fixed an issue that caused "Environment" to be shown when ATV is destroyed by a player, will now display attackers name
Fixed - Crouching while entering on ATV mounts character higher than should be
Fixed an issue allowing players to spawn drone while on ATV
Fixed various issues with safe zones not protecting ATVs
Fixed - ATV Can take damage in safe zone, and on death can cause player to be stuck in atv animation
Fixed - Taking damage on ATV doesn't show blood splat
Fixed - Death post process still shows a few seconds after respawning after dying on atv
Fixed an issue preventing damage being reduced to group members while on an atv
Fixed an issue causing the ATV to keep moving after driver dies
Fixed When dying on ATV and not respawning quick enough it stuck on death screen
Fixed - Getting out of ATV on incline can spawn under map
Fixed an issue allowing players to activate placer system and drive ATV
Fixed an issue allowing players to get into ATV and Helicopter at the same time
Fixed an issue allowing players to open inventory before driving an ATV

- Quickmed
Moved quickmed to server for additional security and reliability
Fixed an issue causing med to not play animation while jumping
Fixed an issue causing quick med to spawn in other players to play the animation

- Loot System
Optimised loot selection system

- Map
Fixed an issue allowing players to get outside map boundary
Fixed garage roof collision in Redsville
Fixed collision on garage door



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