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Early Access Launch May 24th (Today)

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I'm interested in picking the game up and a few of my friends are as well.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be live in the Steam Store yet.

Does anyone have any info on when it will be live?  Am I missing something? :)

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Looks like I might have found the answer to my own question.  It says this on the Steam Store Page for Xera:


This game is not yet available on Steam

Planned Release Date: May 24

This game plans to unlock in approximately 5 hours


So it's 11:30 Eastern Time USA (EST) here now.  So I think that means it'll be up at 4-5pm EST?

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Added question mark after EST

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3 hours ago, AirborneLawnDart said:

Parece que eu encontrei a resposta para minha própria pergunta. Ele diz isso na página da Steam Store para Xera:


Este jogo ainda não está disponível no Steam

Data de lançamento planejada: 24 de maio 

Este jogo planeja desbloquear em aproximadamente 5 horas


Então é 11:30 da Hora do Leste dos EUA (EST) aqui agora. Então, eu acho que isso significa que será às 16:00 às 17:00 EST?

Aguardando Liberar o Jogo aqui também...mais 1hora.

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