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A Message From The Developer

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Hello Survivors!


I wanted to start off by saying a massive thank you! To those who supported us from early pre-alpha, right through to our Early Access release. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. I am extremely overwhelmed by the response – I could not be happier.


XERA: Survival started off as a passion project for me when I wanted to get into game development and had a vision for a game I wanted to build. Starting from an early prototype in 2016, XERA: Survival quickly grew. Things began getting serious in 2018 when Tim Ponting, an Activision veteran came on board the Spotted Kiwi team, bringing with him the knowledge and investment required to get us through to an Early Access launch.


Spotted Kiwi Interactive is now a team of 7 with a range of roles, including art / 3d modeling, community support and management, creator/influencer management. I remain as the only developer for the time being. We are planning on expanding the team as required to fit the needs of the game and the community, including making sure that security / cheat protection remains a #1 priority for the game.


What’s Next?
So, you may be wondering, now that we’ve launched into Early Access – what’s next? Now that the team has caught up on some much-needed sleep from launch, we’re getting back into our usual routine.


Let me break it down to you, what our team will be working on:

  • Joshua (Developer) – I’m going to continue working on bug-fixes and content for the game, while working closely with the community and reading suggestions and feedback.
  • Gary (Community Manager) – Gary will be continuing to support the community, answering support requests, and making sure everyone is able to access the game. He will also make sure important feedback is relayed to me, and the rest of the team as required. Gary will continue to communicate and be active within in the community.
  • Jack (Partnership Co-Ordinator) – Jacks role is to support our creators. We’re extremely grateful for the number of influencers covering our game and Jacks role is to make sure that we support you in every way possible while you create content for our game.
  • Tim (Marketing / Business Development) – Tim will continue to create strategies so that the game keeps growing at a steady rate. We want to ensure servers stay populated and that the game continues to grow.
  • Karan (3D Environment Artist) – Karan will be working closely with me to create new buildings and props for the game. This includes working on new assets to swap out stock/store bought models.
  • Mikhail (3D Artist) – Mikhail will be working on all our cosmetics. Creating new weapon skins, models and more. He will also be working on improving our existing weapon textures to bring them up to scratch with the standard we are going for.
  • Jordan (Server Administrator) – Jordan will continue to assist with scaling the servers to meet capacity requirements. He will also assist with ensuring security of our back-end systems remains top-notch.


Where’s the roadmap?
Some great news. Given the success of our Early Access launch, we now have the additional resources to go beyond our original roadmap. We’re currently working on the new roadmap and it will be ready for you to view in the coming weeks.


Where can I get involved?
You as a player have an active role in the community. Your feedback is extremely important for the future of the game. Our team is constantly reading suggestions and feedback, as well as making sure bugs are relayed back to me for fixing.
You can get involved in the community in many places:

I’m very excited for the future with you all and cannot wait to get fresh content and bugfixes in your hands throughout Early Access.


Let’s do this!




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Well the one good thing I have seen from you and your team is that you are responsive to the players and open to ideas and suggestions from them.  You know as well as I do allot of game makers get a big head as soon as a game takes off and they tend to ignore everyone that helped put them into that position.  As long as you keep an eye on the pulse of the community and take all the negativity you will get with a grain of salt your game will grow.  I wish you and your team awesome luck with this endeavor.

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