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Bantam Boy

Try something new: Seasons!

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I see a lot of thought on ways to improve this game, but i'm a little sad to see that a lot of the stuff suggested have already been done and tested in other (very) similar titles.

So here's a suggestion to try something completely new to the genre: Seasonal Gameplay.

What if, Xera was divided into seasons that lasted say... 2 months. 

During those 2 months, people would play the game (like they are doing now), but with specific goals that could be:

- Ranks and rewards (medals, skins, titles, lootboxes or whatever) based on achievements accomplished in that season (skillrating, kills, inventory size,  the most "collectible items").

When the season ends everything is reset, inventories are emptied, skill rating is set to 500 and rewards are rewarded. 

Between seasons is the perfect time to balance gameplay based on experience gained in the last season and patch in new stuff.

Seasonal gameplay would, in my opinion, solve a whole range of the issues titles like this have:

- Inventories would be reset and loot can be balanced, so that nobody will have those gigantic inventories with all the best weapons in the game (which will inevitably happen at some point).
- New players would have an easy entry into the game after a reset.
- Players would bring out their good gear because eventually there would be no point in "hoarding".
- "Events" could be truly rewarding by dropping aforementioned "collectible items" which would ensure large fights and fun runs back to base to ensure "points" toward the seasonal reward.
- Balancing issues could be solved on a "per season"-basis.
- Devs would have room and silence to create big patches for (in my example) 2 months at a time.

I realize some people will absolutely despise the idea of losing everything they worked for, for 2 months, but lets be honest here: These games are for the rush of the PvP - lets embrace that even more.

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Resetting every 2 months i would see as driving alot of the community away. Most of the other ideas are good but people like games like these because they wouldnt have to constantly go out and loot. While im not opposed to this, most people who play this dont wanna spend hours looting and then lose everything. 

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I did like the seasonal events in WarZ.  I got a lot of candy canes and santa backpacks....lol

But they could've spent that time better with more features, guns, vehicles, PVE events, etc.

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