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Early Access Patch #3

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Greetings Survivors!
We have deployed a major content update!  We are excited and hope you enjoy what's new!
  • New crashed Helicopter Event
  • Added Civilian Bunker event
Crashed Helicopter Event
  • 5+ players are required on the server to activate the Helicopter Crash event
  • Helicopter crash event will appear on the map at a random designated location (of 6 spawn points)
  • Helicopter event will spawn every 45 minutes
  • Helicopter event will drop 20 salvageable crates giving 15 XP each when opened as well as military grade loot
  • Helicopter will despawn after 25 minutes of crashing
Civilian Bunker Event
  • 5+ players are required on the server to activate the Civilian Bunker event
  • Civilian Bunkers will require a "Civilian Bunker Key" to open. These can only be found at the helicopter crash event or within the civilian bunkers themselves.
  • Civilian Bunkers will will only activate on 5+ player servers
  • Civilian Bunkers will be "enabled" every 30-45 minutes
  • Civilian Bunkers will "disable" if not opened within 30 minutes
  • Civilian Bunkers will go on cooldown for 30 minutes after being opened
  • Civilian Bunkers will close after players leave the area
  • Civilian Bunkers will spawn 25 items inside when opened
  • Civilian Bunkers will spawn a wave of 30 Humanoid Robots (5% chance of exploders)
  • Only one Civilian Bunker can be Active / Enabled at a time
Supply Drops
  • Removed "Very Common" (G-17) drops from 5 player + airdrops
  • Modified various drop tables to include new M16 Weapon and MTV Armour
  • You can now exit a vehicle while in water
  • Improved system that find an exit location for vehicles, this should help with instances of getting stuck
  • Vehicles will now use Fuel when driving
  • Vehicles can now be repaired by hitting it with a crowbar (5% repair per hit)
  • Implemented a fix that may fix losing gear if disconnecting while on an ATV
  • Reduced Heavy Vest protection to 15% (was 18%)
  • Reduced Light Plated Armour protection to 10% (was 12%)
  • Implemented MTV - Protects 13%
  • Reworked C4 compound area
  • Added rocks around all compounds / Heli crash zones
  • Fixed an issue with Police building collision
  • Fixed an issue with cabin building collision
  • Reduced damage of AR-15 to 11% was 13%
  • Reduced damage of AK-47 to 13.5% was 14%
  • Reduced damage of MP5 to 10% (was 10.5%)
  • Increased recoil of AR-15
  • Added footstep sounds to crouching (at a 30% volume)
Group Icon
  • Fixed an issue causing group icons to not fade when zooming after respawning
  • Right clicking Gasoline near a vehicle will now show "Refill" option (Within 4m radius)
  • New "Gasoline" item (Restores 35% fuel)
  • New M16 Assault Rifle
  • New MTV Armour Item
  • New Civilian Bunker Key
Map UI
  • Added new hint for Helicopter Event
  • Added new hint for Compound Event
  • Added new hint for Bunker Event
Gas Station Buildings
  • Added timed Gasoline spawns at gas stations
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This patch is very great! Thanks for the job, dear development! Continue make good work process in game! 

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