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As the title says Hello Everyone:  My name is Bravodog IE: ofctb on twitch.  I also go by the tag of the old man.  I have been a gamer for along time and have probably been alpha and beta testing games since before some of you were been born.  The skinny about me is simple I play and stream game for the fun of it.  Not for stats or kdr and so on this means nothing to me.  You all got to remember no one is better than anyone else.  Everyone has their day in the sun.  I don't like cheaters, stream sniper Etc. they do nothing for games except bring them down and they do nothing to improve themselves by doing so except show how petty a person can be.  I was a Police Officer for many years and can say I have seen allot and done allot so don't try to trigger me it won't happen.  Hope to see you in game.


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Hello, Bravodog. We are glad here to see you! You are welcome! Hope meet you in game!

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