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JMac's Suggestions

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Get ready for a long read, but I've compiled this list based on ideas from several other members of the community as well as myself. I realize some ideas may not represent the majority's views and some may not be applicable... but at least there are a bunch of different ones that might be able to be tweaked, or spark new ideas from other members of the community or dev team.


1.       Stop the GI capping at level 65, you need your farmers right now to just help with numbers. At this point, I’m basically at the GI cap and normally at night when numbers are down, I find it relaxing to just farm and chill out, but with nobody pvping right now and multiple people are the GI cap limit or near it, there is no point for me even to farm, I can’t gain anything at all. I know a lot of people like this game for the pvp aspect, but you still need your farmers. Like dabz and jack frown, yoyo, flyer, myself etc.

2.       There are way too many inconsistencies in the map. You have places like reds or c4 that are littered with stuff and then any place the heli event can spawn there is literally no cover and even inside of the map.. like coming out of north settlement… going west of south settlement towards pleasant. So many death valleys with no cover whatsoever. This community is so small with regular players that 9 times out of 10, people run in 4 man groups, fighting in any of those areas makes it almost impossible for new players because how is any new player gonna stand a chance at a heli event by themselves, with no cover… even if they have the best aim in the world. Add more trees and areas to the outside… diversify where good loot is at and make more use of the map.

3.       Give incentives to people who are on the leaderboards. Whether you want to prioritize one over the other in terms of better loot, but give them something whether its skins or in game items or just something to give meaning to the leaderboards. But reset it frequently… like every week or every month. So people like hamborgor have to grind to get to #1 on sr again, or yoyo to get to #1 on xp again. Give incentives and reset frequently.

4.       Do a free weekend or free week. The steam sale was a good idea and all but with no big streamers playing this game right now (no offense cross, I love you), there is nothing promoting this style of game. The older crowd seems to vibe towards this game more, but the younger crowd has probably never even played a survival game and this one is better classified as a looter shooter rather than your traditional survival game. But do that, so more people can just get a chance to see if they like this style of game. And for the free accounts, cap the level at like 7 so they wanna buy the game to be able to craft more and have more GI space etc. But create a server for those players… level 1-7… so they aren’t getting farmed over and over by 4 man teams, all the people that are playing for the first time can learn together.

5.       Create some kind of referral system. Idc if its in term of steam dollars, or actual money or in game items, or skins… but since we know some mods have dropped items for people just for the sake of doing it, why cant you do that for people who got other people to purchase the game. Look at fortnite for example, give a small percentage of each purchase to the person that referred someone… that would be great initiative for more people to stream it or encourage their viewers to buy it.

6.       Fix the stupid ass bugs and make stuff more user friendly - For ex: Add an option to either select your outfit prior to loading into a server and some customizing options to appearance or add in a feature that a number corresponds with an outfit. Like instead of me typing /outfit and getting the same 2 outfits repeating back and forth 10 times or not changing at all... have it so i can type /outfit 1 or /outfit 2 and each number will correspond with a color. Also add in the ability to jump off a moving atv, have the speed its going equal the amount of damage you take if you jump off of it while moving. For example, if you are going 40 mph and you exit the atv, you take 40 damage. But the fact that you can’t exit it while moving is pretty dumb, especially when its not even moving but its parked on a slightly slanted surface.

7.       Add in more guns and items, like a bunch more, right now the drops and heli events are so repetitive that they have become somewhat boring… and I’m not saying every item should be of the rarest tier but instead of me getting 7 common items and them being 4 silencers and 3 red dots, add in more items so if I get 7 common drops, they are 7 different items or at least more variety.

8.       Bump up the sniper rate, I know you don’t want to turn this style of game into sniper wars, but you have stated you can wipe GI’s at any point in time, so if you bumped them up too much… and it turned into sniper wars, then you just reset the GI’s, also add in additional snipers so it at least changes the dynamic of how the game is played… nobody is afraid to die to a sniper so a lot of times it encourages camping or tree hiding and not moving… if you added in more snipers it would at least put the fear into someone that they could be sniped so they wouldn’t camp/hold the same spot for 10-20 mins without any worries.

9.       Fix the vss… the fact that there is a sniper in the game that can’t headshot then bodyshot kill someone is ridiculous tbh. Theres less than 50 vss in the game according to you guys and I have 3 of them, but if I can’t even 2 shot someone with it, if I take the time to make sure I get a hotshot, then why would I even bring it out?

10.   Spread out the loot, people have learned where to get the best loot and where not to even go, so much of the map is not even utilized because it has almost 0 potential to spawn anything that’s worth it. I understand having like a military base with higher tier loot, but nobody goes to any of the camps to farm, or any of the cities, randomize that stuff more and if you want to have a higher tier loot spot, put it right in the center of the map rather than on the outsides so now I have to watch all angles instead of just 1 or 2.

11.   Its way too easy to get back into a fight, especially at the heli events at A3/A4 and f5/f6. If you spread out the loot overall, put more cover in those areas like trees and rocks, figure out a better way to utilize the outsides of the map, and stop putting the heli event so close to the safe zones…. it will eliminate that issue and cause people to spread out.

12.   Add a random variable to when the heli event will spawn… so many people calculate the exact minute a heli event is gonna pop and it kinda ruins the experience… I know several people that will even log out or just wait safe zone a few minutes before its gonna come up just to get there first. Instead of it being 45 mins…. Have an equal chance of any interval between 30 minutes and 1 hour… overall it will average out to the 45 minutes that you guys want, but people wont be able to camp it and wait for it as easily.

13.   Eliminate the better loot on servers with 5 people or more, at least for right now… I like the idea but when theres only 2 people playing on NA servers currently, I shouldn’t be penazlied by getting worse loot because nobody wants to play currently.

14.   If you don’t like the previous sniper idea, add in one day a month that the sniper spawn rate is upped by 10 times the current amount, just one day a month and announce it on steam, discord and social media… watch how many more people play on that day compared to the rest of the days that week.


If you read all of that, then I sincerely appluad you. I welcome all opinions and criticism of my suggestions as long as they are constructive as well any other ideas members of the community may have.

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Love #1 because I agree the GI cap is just stupid especially with no pvp (especially at night when im on like now) its nice to just farm but I dont want to drop all my items like im currently doing. Maybe the traders will fix this but who knows. I dont know if id rather sell an AR for 100 and have to buy it for 250 BUT since I sell everything I have lots of money or just be able to bank it all.

#2 is a big one for me...part of the reason the game isnt fun for me is its all forest fighting because thats where events are which is where loot/pvp happens. Running from tree to tree while a team just circles you and can kill you easily is really annoying.

#7 I know that will come over time and its in their roadmap but it is annoying right now.   Oh another AR, G17, UMP weew and the auto scar and AK feel the same too. There need to be shotguns and other types of automatic ARs. Something to make me want a specific gun and bringing out items for more situations.

#10 I also really agree with but it ties to #2 for me...everyone goes to events which are in forests. Why not bring events to towns or something so for 1 im not behind trees all day and 2 I can actually explore more of the map to loot rather than only going to towns because I need some baked beans.

#11 I think personally ties with #1 because a lot of the time you fight at the event, kill someone and loot them, wait for the airdrops to come down and while that is happening say you kill them again. Your bags are then full so you leave items, they come back AGAIN and grab something and fight you. If you kill them again you have to micro manage picking up ammo and dropping this to pick up that then splitting meds to pick up more of this...meanwhile they are back again. THIS IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE LOG. You get in 2-5 fights before you are back at GI.

Like I said...I really like all of your ideas and I feel like a lot of people have talked about them but the ones that I pointed out were things that always bug me about this game 😄

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Some good stuffs! They know what we want, but it takes way more time due to being only one Dev in the team right now. All we can do is keep giving suggestions and have a little bit of patience :D 

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Josh does incredible work and he's trying his ass off. But with the current rate of patches being once of month or so just for an event and some new items there needs to be a bigger team, especially when you consider all of the the things JMac listed along with so many other bugs and needed changes/additions. In it's current state, this game has potential is still very rough around the edges, and I feel the most present issue in this game right now is the team meta and how unwelcoming it is to new players. I've said it before and I'll say it again, solo players will never buy this game if it continues down the road it's going. The map needs major expansions and loot changes as well to spread people out as well. One of those most preceding issues causing new players to leave is the way in which combat is done. You have 4 main areas: Wide open fields, rolling hills, "forests", and cities. If you're caught out in a field or on one of the endless rolling hills by the guy sitting behind that one tree in the middle of nowhere, you're dead. In the forest, I hope you have the bigger squad or you might as well log before getting pinched! And in the city, ya best camp in a house like everybody else or you'll get stuck behind the fence with no holes to squeeze through and forced to get on the street! The whole environment in which PVP takes place is causing new players to get frustrated and leave, myself kind of included.


All of that being said, I'll summarize.

1) At it's current rate, this game needs more devs when considering all of the things this game needs

2) The game is currently unwelcoming to new players in almost every aspect: You HAVE to have a team to be successful and everything is self taught in regards to how not to die over and over from a group of 700 SRs, die to big robot 10 times before finally killing him only to get a box of 9mm or useless grenades, and inadequate cover to fight back/move around


This is all coming from a player who likes to run both solo and with a squad, farms and PVPs, and isn't very good who feels like they get killed and lose their stuff over and over. As I said in the beginning, this game really does have potential, but progression needs to get rolling. Having 1 dev shouldn't be an excuse if we actually want the game to do good, as much as we love Josh. And if that IS the excuse that's going to be used that's fine, but then it needs to have a larger team. I hope to see more implemented faster to welcome new players as well as those who aren't as good (me) and get this game rolling. Best regards, Lane.

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