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Early Access Patch #4

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The following are the patch notes for Early Access Patch #4

Vendor System
Vendor NPCs are now available at each safe zone
Vendors items and prices will shuffle every 20 minutes
Vendors have unique items for each NPC and per server
Vendors will only purchase items that it currently offers for sale


Currency System
Players can now obtain currency which is persistant across all servers and is not wiped on death

Currently the only way that is implemented to earn currency is by selling items to the vendor. In the near future, we will be adding rewards for earning currency by completing events, killing ai, robbing cash registers, leveling up, and more. At this time the currency system in itself is experimental and will be more balanced to the price tables once the additional ways to earn are added in an upcoming patch.

P2P Trading
We have implemented an interface for Player to Player trading
To start a trade with another player, you have to be close to them and hold your activity button (Default E)

NOTE: This is still very experimental, so please report any issues. Be careful with trading with a near-full backpack as you may not receive items displayed.

Hostile System
Shooting at a hostile player while marked as non-hostile will now give you 2 minutes of hostility timer
Shooting a hostile player while inside the safe zone will not give you the 2 min timer
Shooting a hostile player that is inside the safe zone radius, when you are not in the safe zone will give you the 2 minute timer

Fixed an issue with water blocking bullets

Freelooking while looking down and moving up will now properly update animations
Added freelook to first person (still experimental)

Helicopter Crash Event
5 Player limit is no longer required to trigger helicopter crash event
Helicopter will now despawn after 10 minutes (was 25 minutes)

Supply Drops
5 Player limit for high-tier loot drops has been disabled

Bunker Event
5 Player limit is no longer required to trigger a bunker event

Removed damage fall-off on VSS Vintorez
Fixed "G36 | Monster" skin

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