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Player joined your server notification

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I have a suggestion about the game and I believe will be a great input in the game. I came to this idea because many other players and me had run into same problems
Okay, as many other players and me had been killed to other players join to the server without us knowing about it. So my input is what if we a notification when a player join the server.
It will let us know and be aware about that player and will give us a fighting chance to kill that player. Because we have been back-stabbed many times. I mean many players that I knew have stopped playing the game just because of that reason. 
 From my experience, whenever I join the server where there is a player they leave right away because of other player have killed them before.
Hopefully, this will be available for us sooner before the mid September event. 

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Its all about survival. We should never know how many players are on, its the risk we all have to take. Unfortunately they have the ( p ) key so you can check from time to time to see if any players has joined the server. 

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