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key for quick loot

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Good morning , good noon , good evening , good night


 I will start by saying I love xera , i bought the game when it was released 

and since the last update i'm even more into the game.

I like the new events , i think the new merchants is a good idea

''it slows down the progression of getting good weapon ''









I noticed and would like to try make a suggestion which I think

could make loot items easier to collect from the ground and more enjoyable to use




The thing we have to do throughout the game is try to fin some loots

When its time to open inventory to loot a box , AI or player . The mouse pointer is by default in the center of the screen , 

to take the objects you will have to move the mouse to the bottom left and click one by one to retrieve everything.






It would be nice to add a button that allows you to take the items nearby quickly whit a single button


It would probably be nice and it would change the way we loot in a good way                               

It would be much more pleasant to loot                                                                                                

We wouldn't stay there as long as we already do, it would avoid dying looting standing still

 ●If you have room in your bag or your inventory the key collects everything until it is full     


 Of course i'm talking about quick loot when we search a crate , enemy , AI or loot at proximity




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