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Return to the game and exit again?

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I bought this game as soon as it came out on Steam. I played for no more than 2 weeks and deleted it as I saw a lot of flaws. Now I reinstalled the game and played. The game has gotten better, but there are old flaws that prevent players from playing.

I will list some of them:
1. Poor shooting and aiming.
(It takes TOO MANY hits to kill. There is no headshot in the game. Aiming is done only by holding down the right mouse button. But you need two options. The second is a short press, each for convenience)
2. Vertical sync cannot be enabled in the game settings.
3. Poor lighting.
4. Rifles do not have sights at medium ranges.
5. Requires more rifles to be found easily besides AR-15, MP5 and UMP-9.
The highlighting of the loot spoils the atmosphere of the game, but it is not critical.

Sorry if the translation is inaccurate. This is google translate)

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