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Hey, I dont know if u have plansd for futue but it would be awesome that bases should decay or get deleted. in months time with this pop my CPU and RAMS wont hold all the entities FPS gona be 40 from 106. Idk what is easy make a decay system or like if land owner not log in for week all of his placed item would get deleted. And it really hard to find land to claim. allot of people just put claims in random spots and runs off, does not even build there.
Lets say if i builded a base but my team is still playing. They could ask me to remove claim and they could reclaim it.  

Edit. Or just let 2 claims on 1 player no more

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Hi there,

Currently any objects including base parts that are placed by a player who hasn't logged into the server where they are placed will be deleted after 10 days for inactivity.  We have a decay/upkeep system in the works, however it just doesn't feel right quite yet.

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