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Base building is a bit too tedious.

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Gathering wood, rocks and metal are pretty tiring sometimes, we spent around 5 days of non-stop pickaxing / chopping down trees and we haven't even upgrated all our base parts to rock yet.

Considering that:

- They can raid at any moment
- There will be base wipes

I really feel like it is an extremely heavy task and restrictive sometimes.

I would personally suggest to not wipe out bases after every new season, only items

If not possible, lowering a bit the crafting and upgrade requirements would do the trick.

Really feels off to spend a lot of effort in losing base progress, building with thinking about <all of this will be wiped> is not pleasant at all.

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i think the lag on servers would become serious problem if they don't wipe bases after season ends. but the other thing about lesser building and upgrading material requirements would be really good idea.I dont usually agree with wiping systems but in this case i can't see it working without wipes.maybe longer seasons?

ps. i have no involvement with development just my opinions ❤️

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