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Hello there,

Bug Type (Mechanic/Map/Graphical/Other): Technical issues?
Describe the issue as best you can:
My last play was on 10-Oct which works perfectly fine back then.
For now, I have no issues starting the game and getting into the game lobby where we can see Character/GI/Shop/Season Pass etc.
But afterwards when I try to get into the usual server I was playing on (KR/Asia-7), It started loading.
And the next thing is it stucks at "Loading. Streaming in Levels 67/69" It just stops there and it hangs so I have to force shut the game in task manager.
I have tried leave it and see whether given time, it will load complete and enter the server, the longest I waited was about 30mins++.
Tried also unistall and reinstall the game but still the same.

Location bug happened: Nil

Screenshot / Video of the issue:
Based on the log file, it shows:
LogConsoleResponse: Display: Failed to find resolution value strings in scalability ini. Falling back to default.
LogPakFile: Display: Found Pak file ../../../XERA/Content/Paks/pakchunk0_s9-WindowsNoEditor.pak attempting to mount.
LogPakFile: Display: Mounting pak file ../../../XERA/Content/Paks/pakchunk0_s9-WindowsNoEditor.pak.
LogPakFile: Display: Found Pak file ../../../XERA/Content/Paks/pakchunk0_s8-WindowsNoEditor.pak attempting to mount.
(And this message just continues the same after each other)

Many thanks 



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Hi there,

Some troubleshooting you can try.  If you are playing on a HDD, move the game over to a SSD and this fixes the issue 90% of the time.

If you are playing from a HDD, defragmenting your drive then verifying your steam files seems to help some people.  The issue lies in a slow hard drive with loading the map and is engine related.

If none of these steps work, feel free to join discord and reach out to an administrator who can kill your character in game which should trigger a respawn and allow you to load in.  They will need to be in contact with you during the process so discord is the best way.

Our discord can be joined at https://discord.gg/xera.

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