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Well, the game itself is raw and needs some QoL upgrades, but i enjoy every moment of gameplay, so i’m here to give devs some ideas of mine.

So, there are some ideas:

- Some weapons could share bullet type. For example: SCAR and AR-15 could easily both take 5,56. That would make the gameplay and searching for bullets much easier.

- Scopes. Yes, this game sure needs the 4x, at least. Being able to use your AR at mid range would be a great thing.

- Vehicle despawns after some period of time. Why tho? If i found a car, wouldn’t it be nice for it to be left as mine, until the wipe comes or it gets destroyed? Definitely could be nice.

- Cosmetic items for houses. Being able to place a sofa or a nice table could make building much more interesting.

- Optimizing thoughts. Some first steps would be deleting unseen textures under clothes. They usually clip, so that could fix two problems at once.

- More advertising actions. Twitch integrations are cool, keep it up. Maybe some streamer related in-game items, or some integrations with other popular games would be cool.

- Seasoning. That’s not that cool. I have entered this game in season 5, and when i got to know that the game was early released in 2019(early excess) and fully released in 2021, i felt a bit bad. Like the game is already 3 y.o. and still a mess?… Gosh.

- More weapon attachments. Muzzles, laser sights, tactical lights, grips - all of those is cool to get, hope to see it in future updates.

Well, guys at Spotted Kiwi Interactive, you have very cool ideas, but some poor realization and slow pace. Season 5 in game must be at least a 50% polished gameplay, while you are at your 20’s… I’m here to help as i can, because i see great potential in you and you child. I enjoy your game and hope you will make it go big, bigger then Unturned, Rust or DayZ. You can make it happen, just keep communicating with your community.

Sincerely yours, L3yne

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Thank you for your feedback.

For ammo types, there are multiple weapons that do share the same ammo type.  For example, Scar-L, G36, and Honeybadger all take 5.56.  As we expand and add new weapons, we plan to have other weapons for .223 and .45 acp.

Scopes are certainly on our radar and the first one being worked on will be a mosin scope as it needs a buff to make it more viable.  We are also discussing internally other scopes for other weapons as well and these should come later.  Right now it's a matter of getting the zoom mechanic to work properly outside of it being built into the L96 and VSS as well as we would need animations done for them as well.  We also have plans for additional attachments in the works later down the road.

Vehicles despawn and are capped at 18 per server for server performance.  Although it would be nice to allow vehicles to never despawn and be stored, our systems aren't set up to allow for this and through performance testing, vehicles are one of the heaviest user of server resources so we are currently limited by server load with having to enforce a despawn timer.  We do allow 1 vehicle to have despawn protection for a couple of hours when it is parked near a land claim.

Cosmetics for houses - We have plans for additional base building deployables for the future.

We appreciate you sharing your ideas and keep in mind that there is only one person programming the entire game along with a couple of artists and a level designer so being a very small team, things do take time, but for 1 person doing all of the coding, it's come a very long way <3.

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