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Season 6 recommendations【sincere】

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I and many of my teammates hope that the sixth season can come as soon as possible. Even if it doesn't come, please clear all the house resources on the map. After all, it's very unfriendly for players who have been growing for 6 months to see new players to the server.

Some suggestions are also given below.

1. Try to update the game as quickly as possible, because players feel more and more boring in the later stage, and there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. As the largest building of beauty 2, we are still invincible.[Chinese below]


2. You can set up some activities of robot attacking home, or players are more likely to attack other people's home, so that others can experience the pleasure of the game. In general, the playability can be improved, and the game is more difficult.[Chinese below]


3. It is recommended to reduce the number of servers to ensure that players can meet each other. Current situation: there are 45 people, and no players can be found in the whole picture to compete. Players make an appointment in the urban area instead of attacking and defending in buildings or their own homes, which goes against the original intention.[Chinese below]


Note: This is a very good game. New players will pour in every day, but there is no reason for them to stay. It is suggested that the team analyze the problem.[Chinese below]


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Maybe it can increase the refresh probability of the battery, or the damage of the combustion bottle to the building!

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