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Marcio Marques

Port does not enter the password

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Please I need help >>> I can't put the PIN password on my building's door.
I started playing now and I'm facing this problem, i.e. I can't protect the items.
I've seen in the videos and I do the whole process correctly, but the door does not accept the password. What is wrong and how can I fix it?

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1 hour ago, sauce1534 said:

Your using the hammer and right clicking until you see the enter pin option?

Yup. I'm doing the whole process as it should be done (hammer/right button/PIN input/put password and save)... but the game gave an error now. I'll have to reinstall... I think there was some error in the installation that compromised. If I reinstall and fail again... I will turn to you.
Brother, thank you for your attention!!!!!

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