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No this is not an advert for herbs ^_^

I'm talking knuckleduster-Machetes 

Knife Sticks turning into Spears

Lun-Chukka Bruce lee style

Modified boots with blades

Modified Zanussi hoover that shoots Rocks....(far fetched)

But you see where I'm going with this 

Modify using whatever is available :)





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Please Give Us A Ridiculous Amount of Weapons, Nail Bat, Nail Gun, Hockey Stick, Taser, whatever those rocks that are tied to a rope to trip people up, shields. This isn't weapons but maybe create different types of camo paint that you find in the world that you can insta put on your face in different situations. Flash Lights, Old war guns including modern high-tech guns. Make it where if your limbs get injured you cant carry certain stuff like left arm gets hit u cant carry your shield anymore until u heal it. If a teammate gets downed let us be able to actually pick them up and carry them on our shoulders to safety. Reward players who LIVE longer on that one life by giving them gear upgrades and weapon upgrades that u normally cant get just by being a "bambi". Make surviving WORTH being a survivor.....and give us like fully customizable flags we can throw down that actually has Tallies of the people we've killed (50 kills = 1 tally). Each kill you get upgrades the accuracy of your currently equipped gun that would be dope. Ok you guys want to go ahead and hire me? I am a broke guy but I got ideas for days :).

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That'd be cool though, the first time I encountered in melee it was in Destiny 2, that was pretty dope but mostly you gotta be having a good animation that will synchronize with the game enemies and the PVP players. although, it will be a great addition to the game and I hope Joshua will be thinking positively .

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