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Have not gotten to test the game yet, but these are ideas that may or may not be in the game already... just suggestions 

- No base building, maybe the ability to craft small barricades and such (like shields) but not base building

- Traps for hunting will be okay, and same with traps for p.v.p (spike traps, landmines, and c4 of course)

- Definitely add proning :D (from what I have heard)

- Stamina for sure, to prevent the constant bunny hop jumping around in p.v.p fights making them boring

- If these are already not in the game, attachments that make the guns better in a small way (Sights, barrel attachments, magazine upgrades, etc.)

- To prevent lots of roof camping in the cities, and make it more fun, allow 2 ways to get up the buildings, such as a climbable ladder on one side with a set of stairs on the other, so a full group has to be more aware and can't just be overpowered on a roof all together

- With the Vault system to store items in the game, how will this be working? Are there going to be upgrade packages like in other games, where the higher package gets you more vault slots in your Vault? Such as the best package giving 750 or 1000 while lower would get 500, 250, 100 etc.?

- Hopefully no death cam, just my opinion, but probably a lot of others

- Also, hope there is not a full 360 degree view in the "Alt look", maybe so you can just look left and right

- Hotbar for meds with like 4-5 slots, located at the bottom center of your screen, with a compass with directions at the top :D

- Definitely have a grouping system ( I'd say like 4-5 per group max, and if you go above that you break the rules, large groups are unfun to play against )

- Reputation system (Would love you see a reputation system along the lines of WarZ and Shattered Skies in this game, made the game so much more fun to grind and had motivations for players to be the best. To make sure people don't boost their reputation or whatever you decide, just make it a bannable offense, because some will try and abuse these things to be #1)

- If there is a group system, I feel like with what this game is going to be, maybe markers over your teammates heads would not be the best idea, and you can have cosmetics like I've read on the forums that you wear with your other teammates to let them know its you.)
- Speaking of this ^^^... customization for characters which will add variety of people. Maybe make some cosmetics more rare than others

- Definitely like the idea of melee weapons being in the game, just don't make them to overpowered or too common and block other loot spawns to much :) 

- Screenshot button in game :D 

- Don't know if you can do this or not, but re-binding your buttons of course to what you want would be very nice




- If you do add groups, I think it would be cool to only have groups of 3 actually... not many other games do this and it would be a really cool experience. 

- Customizable crosshair



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Thanks for your feedback.


  • I don't want XERA to be orientated around base building. I feel this encourages group play too much and does not benefit a solo player / small group.
  • Traps for hunting is planned.
  • Proning coming soon
  • Stamina won't be added, but I implemented yesterday that running & jumping use more thirst / hunger
  • Attachment system is being worked on
  • Some of the high areas of the map do need balancing
  • GI limits are very much a possibility, with ability to unlock more weight / slots / item count through various ways
  • Similar to WarZ your camera will go slightly in the air and you can see your body on the ground when you die
  • Free look has been implemented
  • Hot bar still needs to be evaluated but it's something I want to add.
  • Group system is something that I need to think about. There will be no group tags through walls etc, maybe just reduced damage if you're in a group. Or it shows their location on the map. Definitely limited to around 5.
  • Reputation system is still being evaluated at this stage, but it's something I would like in the game
  • Character customisations coming
  • You can use steam to screenshot (F12) & use CTRL + H to hide the HUD
  • Rebinding is coming
  • Crosshair customisations are possible, but needs evaluated.


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