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Now, I saw someone's post about the skinning the AK, which gives me a good ideal, but a extremely common one that is used for a few games. 

You could go two ways with it, which one you will make money, and make some people upset, but still help you out, or just open world spawns.

Make it to where you can find Blue Prints on the ground where you can skin your items, therefore like you said. Exclusive Skin for the AK (Blue). Just do the same for special events, or special skins for people who have participated in all the Stress Test Events. It would be cool to find some GOLDEN AK skins, etc. You could even host events where people would make the skins for you and post them on the forums, have a Strawpoll on which is the best and they be rewarded and have there skin in-game. Just some FUTURE ideals, and to keep it busy and random ;).

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