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Artificial Intelligence

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Hi everyone,


It has been some time since I did a dev blog, so here is some more progress of the AI!


So I am aiming to implement the following activities into the AI:

  • Shooting other AI & Players
  • Reloading weapon when no ammo left
  • Finding a hiding spot from the current enemy when needing to take cover (e.g for reloading or low health)
  • Randomised roaming around the map
  • Looking for the player based off their last location


Firstly, I needed to set the bounds of where they could walk. This is called a Navigation Mesh, this will be placed down anywhere I want AI to be able to walk. The green area is the generated nav mesh. The AI use this to figure best paths based off their current location and the location they want to move to. They also use the nav mesh to avoid obstacles such as those pillars placed in the test map.


Once they had a Nav Mesh, the first thing I worked on was the random roaming. As you can see here, they are finding a random location around them and walking there. They then wait at that location for a set amount of time before finding another location.



And a few more additions, this is what it turned out like.


Hope you guys enjoyed this sneak peak behind the scenes of XERA! More to come.


- Joshua

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